Double Disc Refiner

Double disc refiner is a continuous pulping equipment in paper making and pulping system, with improving pulp beating degree to meet the paper making needs. It can be used single or multiple in series or parallel according to the requirement of beating process.

Advantage Of Double Disc Refiner

1.  Easy to control with accurate retract mechanism.
2. Beating effect is stable for constant power control system.
3. High efficiency, low power consumption, flexible adjustment
4. Many raw materials can be dealt with, such as waste paper pulp, wood pulp, mechanical pulp, etc.

Work Principle Of Double Disc Refiner

Double disc refiner consists of refiner chamber, transmission mechanism, base, and motor, etc. The pulping chamber is composed of two fixed grinding discs fixed on the casing and moving base and two rotating discs installed on the rotating disc to form two grinding areas. By changing the grinding discs with different tooth shapes. Double disc refiner can meet the beating degrees of various paper pulp.

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