Do you use the Hydrapulper?


Hydraulic pulper, is the main equipment that used to deal with break paper and waste paper. Hydrapulper can be divided into vertical and horizontal, or divided into single turntable, double turntable and multi-turntable.

Working principle

As a result of the rotation of the turntable, the broken pulp board, the damaged paper and the waste paper, under the centrifugal force generated by the turntable, make the pulp board compact with cutter and is thrown to the edge of the tank to form a horizontal vortex. And then rise along the edge, and then back to the turntable, and then in the center of the tank to form a negative pressure area, this cycle and form vertical vortex, so that the slurry back and forth with the cutter contact, continue to be broken.
At the same time, as the turntable thrown out of the slurry flow, the line speed gradually slowed down to form speed difference, so that the slurry produced a friction between each other, and further break the slurry.

It has been proved that hydrapulper have the following significant advantages:

1. For fiber only ease without cutting.

2. High production efficiency, ease of time is short, low power consumption.

3. Simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, small footprint.

4. Easy to operate, the scope of application, can handle a variety of waste paper and pulp and paper.

5. Can achieve continuous and automated operation.

Its disadvantage is that after breaking, the pulp contains small pieces paper, which affects the pulp quality.

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