Disc Refiner For Paper Pulp

DD Series Double Disc Refiner

Data Of Disc Refiner For Paper Pulp

  • Type of Disc Refiner For Paper Pulp : φ380
  • Diammeter of disc : 380mm
  • Production capacity : 6-20 t/d
  • Concentration of input pulp : 2-5 %
  • Pressure of input pulp : 0.1-0.2 Mpa
  • Motor power : 37-55 Kw
  • Type of Disc Refiner For Paper Pulp : φ450
  • Diammeter of disc : 450mm
  • Production capacity : 8-60 t/d
  • Concentration of input pulp : 3-5 %
  • Pressure of input pulp : 0.15-0.2 Mpa
  • Motor power : 75-90-110 Kw

Feature of Disc Refiner For Paper Pulp

Our Disc Refiner For paper pulp is suitable for chemical pulp, semi-chemical mechanical pulp, cold-dip high-yield pulp and fiber sheet grinding, using a forced feeding system, whether it is a complex tree, a material with a large difference in material properties, or the remaining wood processing The scraps, shavings, sawdust, slag and cold-soaked slabs, rice straw, cotton stalks, etc., can be separated into high-quality fibers with their high rotational linear velocity and appropriate membrane gap. It is specially prepared for non-polluting machinery of rice straw and cotton rod raw materials, semi-chemical mechanical pulping, and can also be used for high-concentration beating of other dyes.

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