DD Series Double Disc Refiner

DD Series Double Disc Refiner is an ideal paper pulping equipment which used for continuously pulping chemical wood pulp, mechanical pulp, and recycled pulp under consistency of 3%-5%.

Application & Features

1. Paper making machine DD Series Double Disc Refiner is mainly used for pulping, improving slurry beating degree to meet the paper making needs.

2. It can be installed variety tooth refiner plate. Suitable various raw materials such as wood pulp, mechanical pulp , chemical pulp, waste paper pulp etc.

3. Adopt constant power control system, beating effect is stable.

4. Accurate retract mechanism, easy to control, the beating effect is good.

Main Specification

Type DD550 DD600 DD660
Diameter of Plate (mm) Φ550 Φ600 Φ660
Product Capacity (t/d) 10-100 12-150 15-200
Concentration (%) 3-5
Motor Power(kw) 160-250 185-315 220-500