D Type Hydrapulper for Waste Paper Recycling

D type hydrapulper

D type series Hydrapulper used for pulping all kinds of pulp board, damaged paper and waste paper. D type hydrapulper is made up of “D” type tub, rotor device, outrigger, drive mechanism and motor and other major parts.

Main structure

“D” type tub:  welded together by steel plate. Flowing external channel steel is used for reinforcing the tub. The guide plate located in the bottom of inner cone is used for prompting pulp reflow so that formatting cycle.

Rotor device: the rotor and the plasma disc is higher than the bottom of pulper groove plane, a low pressure area will be formed around the rotor to gather heavy impurities. When the heavy impurities deposit to the bottom,they will be taken to the sediment well or heavy slag collecting tank due to the effect of rotation of the slurry, which can reduce the touch between the rotor and the impurities so that prolong the service life of the rotor and prevent the twisted rope winding on the rotor in order to protect the twisted rope and rotor from being damaged.

Outrigger: the outrigger welded together by a steel plate is used to support the tub and the rotor device.

European standard belt wheel: using a complete set of European standard belt wheel, can shorten maintenance time, improve work efficiency, reduce operating costs.