D Type Hydrapulper For Waste Paper Pecycling Machine

The Vaux rotor of the D-type hydrapulper is offset from the center position, making the contact between the pulp and the rotor faster and more frequent.

The D-type hydrapulper changes the flow mode of the traditional hydrapulper, allowing the paper material to contact the rotor more quickly, which can shorten the time from the addition of the paper material to the crushing process, and can be achieved without increasing power and volume. improve production capacity.

Application & Features

1. The D-shaped tank body is welded by steel plates. The upper mouth is reinforced with channel steel on the outside. The conical bottom is equipped with a guide plate to allow the slurry to reflow to form a circulation.

2. The rotor is a Vaux energy-saving rotor made of cast steel.

3. The blade is made of tool steel and has been heat treated. The blade is fastened to the rotor blade with screws and can be replaced after wear.

4. The bracket is made of welded steel plate and applied to support the tank body and rotor device.

The D-type hydrapulper can remove light and heavy impurities from the tank before they are broken down and can pass through the pulper screen, thereby improving production capacity and good pulp quality. If you have interest to our machine, please contact us by email: leizhanworld@gmail.com