Cylinder Mould Type Tube Paper Machine

Cylinder mould type tube paper machine is mainly applied for yarn tube paper producing. And this type of paper machine is divided into the following parts: cylinder mould part, return back press part, press part, drying part and reeling part.

Structure of Cylinder Mould Type Tube Paper Machine

1.Cylinder mould part: Equipped with seven cylinder mould, main parts: Each cylinder mould has a couch roll, vaccum deinking box, etc.
2.Return back press part: At the back of the wire section, set up a vacuum back press, the upper press roller is a rubber-coated metal roller, and the lower press roller is a double vacuum chamber vacuum back roller.
3.Press part: Divided into three pressing, and the pressurization mode is all corrugated pneumatic tire.
4.Drying part: Φ1500/Φ180 cylinder dryer, group driven. Each group is equipped with dry wire and wire leading roll.
5.Reeling part: Pneumatic horizontal reel.

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