Crescent Forming High-speed Tissue Machine

High-speed tissue paper machine

To meet the market demand of high-grade toilet paper, we reference the foreign advanced technology through continuous efforts to research and development of specification and type of 600-1100m/min high-speed tissue machine. The machine has: less investment, low energy consumption, high yield, easy operation, low maintenance costs, ect.

Technical parameter

Working speed: 800-1100m/min

Capacity: 40-60t/d

Basi weight: 13.5-42GSM

Width: 2800mm

Power requirement: 800-950kwh/ton paper

Steam requirement: 3-4tons/ton paper

Fresh water requirement: 6-10tons/ton paper

This high-speed tissue paper machine adopt headbox´╝îribbed yankee, stainless steel crescent former and high efficient hood, simple structure, energy efficient. The pulping process is simple, use wood pulp or white shaving as raw material, save the number of pulping machines, only need M.C. hydrapulper, High density cleaner, inclined screen, Double disc refiner and Inflow pressure screen before paper machine.

All this paper machine and paper pulp machine can be available in Leizhan, we adopt advanced technology and have rich experience, in you have any need, feel free to contact us.