Corrugating Medium Paper Making Machine Plant For Paper Mill

Application of Corrugating Medium Paper Making Machine:

It is mainly used for paper making (recycling paper making machine), such as kraft paper making, corrugate paper making and so on. we can offer the whole line of paper making.

Specification of Corrugating Medium Paper Making Machine:

Paper grade high strength corrugated paper
Trim width(mm) 1575-5800
Basis weight(g/m2) 60-150
Operating speed(m/min) 100-800
Capacity(t/d) 15-500

Main frames of corrugate paper machine:

1.Wire section: Dewater initially and form even wet paper.

2.Press part:  The dryness after press section is about 25-42%

3.Drying part:  The dryness after drying section is 92-95%. This section consists of several groups dryer cylinders. There is a gas hood to prevent steam evaporating.

4. Winding part: Cylinder type winding machine 1 set, Rewinding machine 1 set.

5. Driving & control part: AC frequency conversion speed, section drive


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Corrugated Paper Making Machine