Corrugated Paper Underfeed Rewinder

Underfeed rewinder efficiently cuts and rewinds corrugated board on the paper making line. This greatly improves production efficiency and production capacity. Underfeed rewinder can also roll corrugated cardboard into the required size, reducing waste and waste.

Details Of Underfeed Rewinder

1. Threaded paper type: underfeed paper

2. Paper grade: Corrugated paper

3. Paper basis weight: 120-600gsm

4. Finished paper diameter: Φ1500mm

5. Working speed: 1000m/min

6. Inner diameter of paper tube core: 76mm

7. Slitting knife: 4 sets

8. Maximum tension: 1200N/m

By using the underfeed rewinder, the cardboard cutting and rewinding process is more precise and accurate, ensuring product quality. If your paper production line needs rewinder, please contact us. Email address: