Corrugated Paper Machine for Paper Mill

corrugated paper machine for paper mill

Main Structures of Corrugated Paper Machine

The air cushion type headbox of Corrugated Paper Machine controls and stabilizes the sizing head of the on-line slurry by controlling the gas pressure in the headbox.

Corrugated Paper Machine can be divided into one press and two presses. One press is a large roll diameter press with a vacuum suction roll, equipped with two rubberized metal rolls with upper and lower felts; the second press is a large roll diameter press with two rubberized metal rolls and is equipped with , under the blanket.

Inclined surface size applicator of Corrugated Paper Machine, one with chrome-plated metal roller and one rubber-coated metal roller. The surface size presser pressurizes the corrugated pneumatic tire.

Main Parameters of Corrugated Paper Machine

Trimmed Width(mm) 1575-5800
Production Capacity(t/d) 15-500

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