Corrugated Paper Machine for Paper Mill and Sale

corrugated paper machine

The excellent high temperature performance and oxidation stability of Corrugated Paper Machine, prevent the grease from high temperature deterioration and ensure the lubrication part to work normally at high temperature for a long time.

The excellent comprehensive performance of Corrugated Paper Machine to ensure long service life of bearings.

The most important is that our Corrugated Paper Machine has good quality and the price can be negotiated ,our company is specialized in Paper Making Machine, so you can trust our Paper Machine completely.

Main Parameters of Corrugated Paper Machine

1. Trimmed width: 1575-5800(mm).
2. Basis Weight: 60-150(g/mĀ²).
3. Operating Speed 100-800(m/min).
4. Production Capacity: 15-500(t/d).
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