Corrugated Paper Board Production Line, Paperboard Production Line

Process Flow of Corrugated Paper Board Production Line:

waste paper → high consistency hydrapulper → high frequency vibrating screen → pulp pump → efficient double disc pulp refiner → pulp pump → chest agitator→ pulp pump → centrifugal screen → pulp pump → impurity remover → paper machine → calendar → winding machine → rewinding machine → marketing

1.Characteristic of recycling machine for paper:

  • Headbox of Corrugated Paper Board Production line:

1.Excellent component element intefration, unique flow channel design. The special flow channel can jet the pulp evenly, and no fiber and dust stayed.
2.Adjustable slice angle designed, is can be adjusted at any time.
3.Rotproof stainless steal, durable usage time.
4.Multi-material adoption, high efficiency.

  • Suction Cylinder of Corrugated Paper Board Production line:

The roll is covered by polyurethane, and with groove on the surface
After the suction touch roll, the water dehydraton can up to 36%

2.Main Supporing Parts of recycling machine for paper

•Heat recycle System
Recycling the heat from the hood(dry part), and reuse the heat from the steam and condensate water, reduce the energy consumption.
•Breating Hood
High efficiency heat using and even distribution for the heat. It has adjustable fan valve and temperature stable control, perfect working with the Yankee Cylinder.
•Yankee Cylinder
High efficient heat system designed, low air pressure operating, reduce the thickness of the cylinder, enhance the heat transmission efficient, and decrease the drive load.
•Suction Box
High efficiency and durable.
•Vacuum Pump
Low energy consumption, low maintain cost and low noise. Double vacuum pump, helping the operator has better control and monitoring the machine.

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