Corrugated Carton Paper Production Line, Recycling Plant to Make Paper Roll

Paper product machine dimensioning production with 100% efficiency (maximum momentary production at reel = dimensioning value of pulping process and drying minimal capacity).

Production (100% efficiency): 322 t/24h
Basis weight of sheet on reel: 120 g/m²
Width of sheet on reel: 2400 mm
Width of sheet on winder: 2000 mm
Target production speed of sheet on reel : 400 m/min
Working pressure of Steam: 5 bar
Mill power supply: 380Volts, 50 Hz
Wire width: 3100 mm
Headbox outflow width: 2950 mm
Paper width on reel: 2400 mm
Paper width on winder: 2400 mm
Shrinkage: 4%

Net paper OF corrugated paper product machine width is 2400mm, mainly used in the manufacture of high strength corrugated paper. Corrugated paper making machine is mainly divided into the following parts: the slurry box, the long web, the squeezing part, the former drying cadre, the slanting surface sizing machine, the post-bake cadre, the volume extraction department.
Corrugated carton production line recycling plant machines to make paper roll uses raw material of waste paper pulp or other kinds of pulp to make new well selling paper.

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Corrugated Paper Making Machine