Coating Board Paper Making Machine

Coating Board Paper Making Machine

Leizhan supplies complete sets of coating board paper making machine as well as spare parts for paper mills. Using waste paper,virgin pulp as raw material, paper plants can produce high quality coating board paper with Leizhan advanced coating board paper making machine.

Leizhan experienced engineers can design the customized solution for the whole coating board paper making line based on the raw material and production capacity. Leizhan coating board paper making line contains coating board paper pulp making line and coating board paper machine.

Coating Board Paper Pulp Making Machine

In order to achieve excellent pulp cleanliness, pulp processing machines like chain conveyor, D type hydrapulper, pulp pump, double disc refiner, pulp chest agitator, pressure screen before paper machine are essential in the coating board paper pulping line.

Coating Board Paper Machine

Leizhan coating board paper machine has a trimmed width range of 2400-6600mm and basic weight range of 200-350g/m2. Coating board paper machine can produce 200-1400 t/d coating board paper with the operating speed range from 200 m/min to 600 m/min.