Coarse Screening Paper Machine Drum Screen

Our drum screen significantly boosts productivity with its exceptional screening and separation capabilities. It consistently delivers a high level of cleanliness for the pulp, guaranteeing impeccable performance. Moreover, the low power consumption of drum screen promotes energy efficiency and cost reduction.

Key Features of Drum Screen

1.Drum screen is strategically positioned at the crucial final stage of coarse screening in the waste paper pulping process.

2. Drum screen effectively removes larger, lightweight impurities while accurately separating the pulp, surpassing alternative solutions like Kangbi Screens, Reject Separators, and Vibrating Screens.

3. Drum screen serves as a dependable solution for eliminating impurities and ensuring a cleaner pulp. By efficiently screening the pulp, it allows only the desired, clean pulp to continue to the subsequent processes through the screen slots.

4. The light impurities are expertly directed towards the outlet, steadily and continuously discharged with the aid of high-pressure flushing water and the innovative internal structure of the drum.

The streamlined structure of drum screen simplifies maintenance, providing enhanced convenience during operation. With its ability to achieve optimal purity of impurities and minimize fiber loss, this remarkable solution maximizes production efficiency while minimizing waste. Email address: