Coarse Screen And Fiber Separator

Coarse screen

M.C. coarse pressure screen and Fiber separator are used in coarse screening stage in pulping process, coarse screen used behind High density cleaner to remove impurities, and Fiber separator used in the last stage of coarse screening to handle the tailing pulp of coarse screen. Do you know the advantage of coarse screen compared with Fiber separator?

Comparison of coarse screen and Fiber separator

1. The technology of Fiber separator is relatively old, and coarse screen adopt international technology, external configuration imported from advanced countries.

2. Using the same power of the motor, production of coarse screen is greater than the Fiber separator, coarse screen production is twice of the Fiber separator.

3. The hole diameter of the coarse screen is smaller than the Fiber separator, but the production capacity of coarse screen is relatively large.

4. Treatment of the same production of pulp, coarse screen is more efficient, and less energy consumption.

Generally the Fiber separator and Reject separator are used together as supporting equipment to solve the tailing pulp from coarse screen, reduce fiber loss, improve the utilization of the slurry.