Choose of Felt in the Paper Machine


The Selection and Use of Press Felt

  • Felt Variety Selection

Among the many different types of papermaking Felt, choose the Felt that is suitable for different parts of the paper machine.

  • Felt Length Determination

The papermaking Felt can meet the actual length during normal operation under tension in the paper machine, and the elongation of the selected felt should be fully considered.

  • Felt Breathability Selection

Accurate selection of the air permeability of the felt suitable for the paper machine is the key to determining the normal and efficient operation of the paper machine and the service life of the felt. At the same time, the curve of the air permeability of the felt during use should be fully considered.

Technical Considerations for Choosing Felt

  • The request of Felt from working line pressure and the Machine load.
  • Vacuum state
  • Washing condition
  • Slurry condition
  • Dewatering method

Refer to the Past Use of Felt

For a properly functioning machine, when re-selecting the Felt, it must be improved by referring to the situation when the Felt was used before, so that the choice of the variety, weight, air permeability, thickness and other requirements of the Felt can be selected to prevent selection. Improper production causes abnormal production.

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