Chain Conveyor For White Board Paper Making

Chain Conveyor

Guangdong Yaode Paper Mill set up a new white board paper making line, capacity is 250000 tons per year, paper making plant purchased whole sets of paper pulp machine for this new project. Leizhan attaches great importance to this cooperation, in the agreed time to delivery as scheduled, this time we delivered 1400 and 2000 Chain conveyor for customer.

Project information

Time: October, 2017
Customer: Guangdong Yaode Paper Mill
Address: Guangdong, China
Project: 250000t/y white board paper making
Delivered equipment: 1400 and 2000 Chain conveyor

This white board paper making project use four layer paper machine, have top layer, core layer,  liner layer and bottom layer, pulping process use wood pulp and waste paper as material. The Chain conveyor Leizhan supplied has big capacity and long service time, easy to operate. Special design make the material conveyed to pulper equipment easily and use less power.

Leizhan supply whole sets of stock preparation equipment, if you have any need feel free to contact us.