Chain Conveyor For 500T/D Corrugated Paper Making Line

Chain conveyor

Warmly celebrate the success of the first delivery for Nigerian Papermaking Company, Nigerian Papermaking Company ordered the whole set pulping line equipment for their new 500t/d corrugated paper production line. Chain conveyor is delivered to customer’s plant as the first shipment.

500t/d corrugated paper production project

Nigerian Papermaking Company set up a new 500t/d paper production line to produce corrugated paper and T paper, paper machine is single layer use waste paper(LOCC) as raw material. The raw material, capacity and paper machine technical data determine the parameters of the pulping equipment. The pulping equipment ordered in our company includes Chain conveyor, pulper system, High, Medium, Low density cleaner, Screening system and Approach flow system before paper machine.

Cooperation details

After know some details about our company and paper machine, we invite customer to visit the factory to see our paper machine and the working sites that used in paper making plant. Witnessed the paper machine production process and working site make the customer really believe in our strength, and eventually selected Leizhan in many manufacturers.

Leizhan Chain Conveyor Orbit type running,operate steadily and reliably, with low friction and low power consumption, chain board adopts closed design to prevent material leaking and other advantages that machine have long service time and high working efficient.

Project information

Customer: Nigerian Papermaking Company
Paper grade: corrugated paper, T paper
Raw material: Waste paper
Time: Aug, 2017