CardBoard Paper Machine For Sale

cardboard paper machine
Paper carton making machine use waste paper as raw material to produce 120-320g/m² cardboard paper, board paper, package paper etc., we manufacture the whole set of paper production equipment.

Paper Machine details

1. Output Paper Style: cardboard paper, board paper, package paper, packing paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper
2. Raw Material: recycle paper, waste paper, virgin pulp
3. Output Paper Weight: 120-320g/m²
4. Net Paper Width: 1880mm
5. Speed: 100-250m/min
7. Capacity: 20-280T/D
8. Drive Way: AC inverter speed, section drive

The pulping process need pulper, cleaner, screening, and other equipment to make the pulp meet papermaking demands, welcome to contact us for more details.