Carbonless Paper Making Machine

cultural paper machine

Leizhan supply the whole set paper making line, which includes pulping machine and papermaking machine, Carbonless Paper Making Machine can produce cultural paper, like Office paper, Carbonless paper, Copy paper, Printing paper and so on.

Carbonless Paper Production Plan

This paper making line includes pulping system and  carbonless paper making system

Pulping system

Raw material: wood pulp, white shavings and deinked paper pulp

Need equipment: Chain conveyor–D type hydrapulper–High density cleaner–Conical refiner–Double disc refiner–Pressure screen before paper machine-Pulp chest agitator

Carbonless Paper Making Machine

This paper machine includes many equipment and device, we can supply any paper machine of carbonless paper making machine or the whole set paper machine. You can visit our company, and then you will trust we can give you the best service.