Calendering Paper Machine

Calender Machine

A process of controlling paper or paperboard with a certain moisture content by means of a calender to improve the smoothness and gloss of the paper and to control the thickness of paper or paperboard to a certain extent. Calendering with different device is divided into hard calendering, soft calendering and super calendering.

Effect of calendering on paper quality

1) Impact on the thickness and permeability: the thickness is reduced and the air permeability is reduced

2) Impact on the smoothness: smoothness is improved

3) The effect on gloss: improve the line pressure, increase the filler content, improve the paper moisture into the calender, improve the pressure roller surface temperature, help to improve the gloss. But the whiteness of the reflection method is reduced because of the increase in transparency.

4) Impact on strength

① Tensile strength: the roller heating, can reduce the paper strength; reduce residual pressure, can further improve the paper strength.
② Tear: after calendering reduced.
③ Elongation: after calendering, the longitudinal elongation slightly reduced.
④ Bursting strength: after calendering, bursting reduced.

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