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Calendering Machine

The calender is used to improve the gloss of the paper. Printed surface after coating, if you want to improve the smoothness of the coating, can use calendering machine to calender. So do you know the working principle of this paper machine, and how to maintain it?

Working principle of calendering machine

The operation of the calender is usually continuous rolling. The printed matter is conveyed from the feeding station to the calendering belt between the hot pressing roller and the pressing roller, and the coating is attached to the surface of the calendering strip under pressure and temperature. The glazing layer after calendering gradually cools to form a bright surface layer.

Maintenance of calendering machine

1. Must keep the roller surface clean, correct use doctor. Should adjust doctor blade pressure before starting up, forbidden to increase the thread pressure by adding padded hard objects when the scraper is not tight, should be adjusted or replaced.

2. When the calender break the paper, the paper tail should be interrupted, to avoid paper wrapped around the roll, resulting in a strong vibration between the roll and impact;

3. Because of regular broken paper, paper licking operation, easy to cause the operation side of the roller surface expedite wear speed, so should reduce the line pressure, bring the paper and then return to normal line pressure;

4. Should avoid prolonged air run, to prevent the roller surface was debris damage.

5. Pressure on both sides of the calending roll should be basically balanced, should avoid the difference between the two ends of the line pressure is too large.

6. Should avoid the sudden change in the temperature of the roller surface, not a long time on the roller local heating or cold air cooling.

7. Do not use sharp hard material to clean the roller surface.

8. Should ensure that the width of the process in line conform to the requirements to prevent the width is too narrow and increase the wear at both ends of the roller.