Calender For Paper Making Line

Calender is a finishing equipment for paper making. Calender can make the paper smoother, glossy, tight, flat or transparent under the action of mechanical force and heat, prevent and reduce powder shedding, improve the appearance of the paper web and some physical quality indicators . Calender is an irreplaceable and important finishing equipment for the production of high-grade paper.

Application & Features

1. It has a long service life and meets the requirements of the use process.

2. The working speed can be adjusted smoothly, and the speed is stable when raising, lowering or decelerating. When pressurized, the dynamic speed drop of the main drive is small, the dynamic response is good, and the static speed stabilization accuracy is high.

3. The performance of the unwinding mechanism and the winding machine following the main drive is good.

4. When the paper stops feeding and calendering, it can quickly brake the electric drive system of the unwinding, winding roll and roller.

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