Broken Pulper Paper Equipment Used In Paper Mill

Widely utilized in these industries, our broken pulpers are designed to effectively process waste paper, enabling efficient recycling and production of new paper products.

The broken pulper assumes a crucial role in converting waste paper into top-notch pulp by employing a sequence of processing steps. Its utilization enables the efficient disintegration of waste paper into individual fibers while concurrently eliminating impurities with remarkable efficacy.

Application & Features of Broken Pulper

1. Our broken pulper is equipped with an electric motor that powers the rotor’s eccentric rotation, promoting the creation of a turbulent flow within the pulping chamber.

2. By harnessing the stirring and impact action produced by the rotor, our pulper efficiently separates ink and other impurities from the fiber bundles.

3. The fiber bundles undergo thorough stirring and impact from the rotor disc, aiding in the effective removal of ink particles from the fibers.

4. Our broken pulper plays a vital role in conserving valuable raw material resources and minimizing the negative impact on forests and the environment caused by deforestation.

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