BFW Series Chain Conveyor

BFW Series Chain Conveyor is mainly used for conveying various kinds of pulp board, waste paper in bulk and in bundle which can be horizontal conveyor or inclined conveyor(<30°).Intended particularly for loading of waste paper(loose or in bales) or chemical pulp into a pulper.

Application & Features

1.Trough plate punch forming which high strength and excellent in crushing effect.
2.Chain board adopts closed design to prevent material leaking.
3.Two rows of idler traction chain and hollow roller shaft,and oil can be injected from pin roll to shaft sleeve and wear-resistant zinc-copper bushing.
4.Two rows of chain adopt long axis to prevent chain running deviation.
5.Chain wheel adopts cast steel to improve wear-resistant.
6.Raw material feeding plate adopts V design( more than effective conveying width 400mm) to improve raw material throughput.
7.Orbit type running,operate steadily and reliably, with low friction and low power consumption.

Main Specification

Type  BFW
Chain Plate Width (mm) 1200 1400 1600  1800
Feeding Capacity(m3/h)  60-220  80-255  95-300  110-345
Conveying Material  Waste Paper / Pulp Board
Max.limit of Material (mm)  1000  1200  1400  1600
Motor Power(kw)  5.5  7.5  11  15
Type  BFW
Chain Plate Width (mm) 2000 2200 2400  2600
Feeding Capacity(m3/h)  140-390  160-430  200-500  240-600
Conveying Material  Waste Paper / Pulp Board
Max.limit of Material (mm)  1800  2000  2200  2400
Motor Power(kw)  18.5  22-30  30-45  37-55

Work Principle

The Chain conveyor is mainly composed of driving device, tension device, link Plates, chain wheel and rack. The machine adopts chain to drive through plate to transport raw materials into the drum pulper for pulping. BFW Series Chain Conveyor is the best choice of waste paper and pulp plate conveying equipment.
In order to meet the needs of the paper mill and technical layout requirements, the transmission installation of chain conveyor is divided into left type and right type (look up along the material running direction, transmission installation in the right of the machine is right type, otherwise for the left type).
Customer can chose the chain conveyor installation types according to the process design requirements. When customer place an order for chain conveyor, the left or right type should be indicated in the contract.