Bale Breaker For Paper Pulping Line

Bale breaker

Bales breaker used for the waste paper bales breaking and screening, disperse the packaging waste paper, which is good for the selection and classification of waste paper. At the same time the screening area can effectively remove light and heavy impurities.

Bale Breaker Equipment Advantages

1. Disperse the bundle of raw materials, dry screening to remove light and heavy impurities.

2. Reduce follow-up equipment wear.

3. Improve the efficiency of follow-up equipment.

4. Screening area Labyrinth seal design, dustproof effect is good.

5. Double reducer connecting rod drive, strong transmission.

6. Specially designed slag separation device, the paper directly into the raw material after the bag, simplify the process, high operating efficiency.

7. Outlet sealing, water film dust, working environment clean.

The Chain conveyor convey packaging paper into Bales breaker for dispersing, this equipment can make waste paper fully scattered, and then the waste paper will be send to the next stage. If you have any need, feel free to contact us.