Automatic Paper Machine Fiber Deflaker

The main function of the paper machine fiber deflaker is to break and disperse the fibers so that they are more evenly distributed in the pulp. This can effectively remove impurities and agglomerations in the pulp, making the quality of the paper more uniform and stable.

In addition, paper machine fiber deflaker can also change the fiber structure of the paper. By appropriately adjusting the processing parameters, the shearing, stretching and folding of fibers can be achieved, thereby improving the strength and flexibility of the paper. At the same time, the fiber deflaker can also increase the specific surface area of the fiber and improve the water absorption performance and printing effect of the paper.

Application & Features

1. Our fiber deflaker is designed to accommodate a wide range of fiber pulp types.

2. It effectively disperses and deflakes fiber bundles in kraft pulp, mechanical pulp, and all types of secondary fibers.

3. Ideal for deflaking fibers during the processing of broken paper.

4. The fiber deflaker is equipped with robust acceleration and deceleration capabilities, which greatly enhances the deflaking efficiency of fiber bundles.

5. The disc tooth structure in our deflaker is optimized to handle various pulp varieties with ease.

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