Automatic Facial Tissue Paper Production Line For Paper Mill

crescent tissue paper machine

Specifications oftissue paper making machine 
1.output paper :toilet paper, tissue paper, paper napkin, facial paper
2. raw material: waste paper, virgin pulp
3.capacity: 3-50 ton per day
4. net paper width:787-3600mm
5.output paper weight: 13-40g/m2
6. rail gauge:1300-4000mm
7.working speed: 40-60m/min

Facial tissue paper machine can use waste paper(such as waste books, news paper, used office  paper, waste paper edge from printing factory ), virgin pulp as material to make high quality  toilet paper, finished product can be small tissue roll, napkin tissue, facial tissue,kitchen towel.

Our company can offer paper mill whole tissue paper making line, include tissue paper pulp making line, tissue paper making machine and paper machine spare parts.

Welcome email us if you are interested in tissue paper making line, and you can leave your requirements on this webpage, our business manager will send you machine details and price as soon as possible.