Automatic Copier Paper Making Machine

culture paper making process
A good paper making line can not only produce high-quality paper with customer requirements, in the production process can save manpower and material resources, to achieve energy efficient requirements. Leizhan designs the most suitable paper making line according custom’s need.

Automatic Copier Paper Making Line

Raw material: Wood pulp, White shavings, Recycled paper, etc.
Finished paper: Copier paper, writing paper, notebook paper, office paper etc.

Main paper equipment

  1. Chain conveyor: used for conveying various kinds of pulp board.
  2. Drum hydrapulper: used in the paper making industry to breaking continuously and coarse screening of the waste paper material under the high consistency.
  3. Drum hydrapulper PLC control automatic control system, reject separator
  4. High/low density cleaner: is mainly applied to remove all kinds of heavy impurities in paper pulp.
  5. Pressure screen: is used for coarse and fine screening of various paper pulp.

Automatic Copier Paper Making Machine
Automatic copier paper making machine supplied by Leizhan can be equipped with QCS automatic control system, the production capacity can be 20-270 tons per day, the operating speed range of 200-1200m/min and the trimmed width range of 1880-3750mm.