Armenia Paper Mill Paper Pulp Machine Delivery Site

Armenia newly launched the 100T / D whiteboard, corrugated paper and T paper project. Under the influence of old Armenian customer introductions and product quality word-of-mouth brands, a group visited Leizhan Company to visit and inspect the site. Through in-depth understanding, the company’s products were deeply recognized and successfully signed, and a full set of pulping equipment was provided by Lei Zhan Company.

The main equipment ordered this time are: drum pulper, D-type pulper, high-concentration pulper, flotation deinking tank, chain conveyor, flotation light slag machine, refiner, slag lifter , Medium-concentration pressure sieve, high-concentration sand remover, slag separator, low-concentration slag remover, internal flow screen, screen shaker, propeller, slurry pump.

The equipment delivered this time includes a Chain Conveyor, H.C. Pressure Screen, Reject Separator, M.C. Pressure Screen, Inflow Pressure Screen,  Agitator and a set of supporting accessories.

Hope that these devices will bring benefits to customers after the early installation!

Welcome email us if you are interested in our paper and pulp machine, our business manager will reply you soon.