Approaching Part Equipment For Paper Mill

The paper machine approaching part plays a vital role in the printing process. The paper machine approaching part is mainly responsible for transporting paper in the printing process from one process to the next, ensuring the continuity and efficiency of the entire production line.

Problems easily caused by the streaming department:

1. Ensure the normal operation of the pressure screen and cleaner. If the desander is clogged, it may cause an increase in dust in the paper sheet.

2. Pay attention to the stability of the liquid level in each tank in the approaching part, otherwise it will cause fluctuations in the paper sheet weight.

3. During the process of changing the paper type, it may be necessary to adjust the pressure of the air cushion and the opening of the air valve. After adjustment, pay attention to pressure fluctuations and the liquid level of the anti-offset tank. If the liquid level is insufficient, it will affect the use of anti-offset.

4. Do not mix the rot slurry on the rack into the system. During major cleaning, the rack must be thoroughly cleaned and the sewage drained. When the system is cleaned, some dead corners under the net pool on the top of the headbox must also be cleaned. Clean, based on the question above.

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