Approach System In Paper Making Process

paper making machine

Paper making process includes pulping system and papermaking system, and papermaking system includes approach system, forming section, press section, drying section, sizing press and reeling section. Approach system connect the pulping system and the papermaking system.

The role of approach system

Add white water in already mixed slurry diluted into suitable concentration and flow to meet the papermaking needs, after screening and degassing deliver into headbox.

The short circulation system is the key to whether the slurry can be delivered to the headbox with a stable concentration, flow rate, uniformity, and no pulsation.

Main equipment:

Headbox, pulse decay tank, conical cleaner, punching pump, Inflow pressure screen, dilution water device, pulp pipe, pulp tank and related ancillary equipment and other components.

Working Process:

Mixing pulp tank → Slurry pulp tank → Punching Slot → Cleaner Group → Pouring Pump → Pressure Screen → Pulse Attenuator → Headbox → Wire section