Application of Roller Parts in Paper Machine

Paper machine roll

Roller is the most common application, standardization, serialization, and the most versatile structural components of paper machine. Its role in the entire paper machine equipment and the use of good or bad directly related to the normal operation of equipment, scheduled production, quality requirements and the realization of economic indicators.

The role of rollers in papermaking equipment

1. Support and relying on the role (forming wire, felts, dry web, paper)
2. Transfer drive power or running tension (forming mesh, felt, dry web, paper).
3. Produce dehydration and provide drainage, water storage space.
4. Lead to paper stripping and safety lead.
5. Affect forming uniformity and sheet surface performance.
6. Correction, tension.
7. Stretch effect (felt, dry web, paper).
8. Drying paper sheet
9. Bag ventilation, energy saving.
10. Reeling and rewinding into paper
11. To achieve and control the nip line pressure uniform

The roller divides into turning roll, return roll, suction couch roll, wire roll, etc., different rollers have different effects, like the roles of forming roll is reasonable dewatering of the paper at different stages is well shaped and the packing and fiber loss are as small as possible etc.

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