Air-cushion Double-stack Headbox For Kraft Paper Machine

The consistency and quality of paper production are influenced by the level of fiber dispersion within the headbox and the smoothness of the headbox lip. Paper machines operating at speeds above 200 m/min typically utilize air-cushion or hydraulic headboxes. Key control parameters for the headbox of paper machines include total pressure, pulp level, and the ratio of pulp net speed.

The total pressure control in the headbox is essential for achieving a uniform and consistent pulp flow onto the wire. Pulp level control in the headbox is crucial for regulating the flow area of pulp, minimizing cross-flow and consistency fluctuations, and creating a manageable surge flow to prevent fiber clumping.

Details of Headbox

Product variety: Kraft facial tissue, etc.

Clean paper width: 4300mm

Design speed: 400m/min

Headbox sizing concentration: 0.6%~0.8%

Retention rate: 75% ~ 80%

Paper web shrinkage: 3% ~ 3.5% (Max)

In this setup, a programmable controller is employed to efficiently manage the total pressure and pulp level within the headbox, enhancing the quality of paper production. For inquiries regarding paper-making equipment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at