A4 Copy Paper Production Line

A4 Copy Paper Production Line

Leizhan can supply full complete A4 copy paper production line for paper mills based on type and quality of raw material. Using waste paper, recycled office paper, commercial wood pulp, etc as raw material, paper makers can produce high grade A4 copy paper with Leizhan tailored A4 copy paper making line. Leizhan also supply the reliable A4 copy paper production solution for paper makers to meet their needs.

A4 Copy Paper Pulp Production Line

Machine and equipment required in A4 copy paper pulp processing line
Chain conveyorD type hydrapulperHigh density cleanerConical refinerDouble disc refinerInflow Pressure screenPulp chest agitator

A4 Copy Paper Production Machine

Leizhan A4 Copy Paper has a trimmed width range of 1880-3750 mm, base weight range of 40-80GSM. With the working speed range from 200 m/min to 1200 m/min, the production capacity will be 20-270 t/d.