80GSM Coated White Paper Machine

Some information about this paper production line. The hydraulic control system of coated white paper machine is self-assembled, and the 1500mmX3000mmX750mm oil tank has a large volume, which effectively avoids the problems of hydraulic oil temperature conductivity and hydraulic oil cycle period.

The fuel tank of coated white paper machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and a high filtration precision (3u) oil suction filter and oil return filter are installed to avoid the problem of hydraulic oil pollution. The pipelines of non-moving parts are made of 304 stainless steel pipes. The self-programming control system of coated white paper machine adopts Harvey digital proportional valve to control, adjust and display intuitively, with high control precision, optional remote technical service, and high real-time technical service.

Main process of coated white paper machine

1. Paper type: Coated paper

2. Basis weight: 80-250gsm

3. Net paper width: 3250mm

4. Working speed: 300m/min

5. Dynamic balancing speed: 400m/min

6. Hard roll diameter: ¢800mm (peripheral drilling deep hole 30, ¢30㎜)

7. Soft roll diameter: ¢630mm

8. Covering layer hardness: SHRD91±1°

9. Heat conduction oil heating system: 120Kw electric heating oil furnace

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