7T/D White Shavings Wood Pulp Line

cultural paper machine

White shavings、wood pulp can be used as raw materials to produce cultural paper, such as A4 paper, writing paper, etc., Leizhan as the leader of paper machine industry in China, we can supply high quality paper pulp machine in low price.

Stock preparation project

Raw material: white shavings、wood pulp

Capacity production: 7t/15h

Equipment working process

Need equipment: Hydrapulper, Dump pump, High density cleaner, Inclined thickener, Pulp chest agitator, Pulp pump, Conical refiner, Double disc refiner, Pulp chest agitator, pulp pump.

D Type Hydrapulper: equipment is used for pulping, “D” type hydrapulper makes the material more quickly with the rotor contact, greatly reducing the broken time, without increasing the power and volume of the case to improve production capacity.

High density cleaner: used for removing the heavy impurities from the pulp.

Inclined thickener: Concentrate the slurry to increase the slurry concentration.

Conical refiner: improving the beating degree.

Double disc refiner: improving the beating degree to meet the paper making needs.