60TPD Paper Pulp Production Line Kraft Testliner Paper Making Machine

Kraft paper machine

Brief Introduction of 2800mm 60-70T/D Kraft Paper Production Line:

This machine can use waste paper, virgin pulp, OCC, wood etc. as raw material to make kraft (craft) paper roll, corrugated medium paper, fluting paper etc. Capacity is 60-70 tons per day.
GM2800 multi dryer can multi cylinder mould kraft paper machine
Raw Material
Waste paper, OCC, virgin pulp etc.
Net paper width
Finished Product
kraft paper, fluting paper
Wire width
Paper weight
Drive way
AC frequency converter, speed regulation, section drive.

Kraft Paper Pulp Production Line:

Our company can offer paper mill the whole paper pulp making line, if you are interested in our paper pulp machine, you can send us email to get more machine details and price.

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