60T/D Corrugated Paper Manufacturing Line

Corrugated Paper Making line
Corrugated paper can be used as packaging of food or digital products, relatively environmentally friendly, more widely used. Leizhan as the leader of paper machine manufacturer in China, has rich experience and professional team, we supply high quality paper machines according to your needs.

LOCC Stock Preparation System

Raw material: waste paper, wood pulp
Production Capacity: 50-70t/d
Equipment: D Type Hydrapulper, High Density Cleaner, Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Reject Separator, Mid Consistency fine Pressure Screen, Inflow pressure screen.

Our company Leizhan is the Chinese Advanced Leader & Manufacturer, specializing in Pulp & Paper industry for more than 36 years old. From Process design, equipment manufacture, factory design to installation, commissioning and training, we can supply the whole line.Weicome to consult us, email: leizhanworld@gmail.com