5T/D Toilet Tissue Paper Pulp Line

toilet tissue paper processing machine

As the toilet paper, hand paper, napkin are our life paper, so its quality requirements are relatively high. In the pulping process we have to ensure that we can produce high quality slurry, and then we can produce high quality toilet paper in papermaking system. You can refer to the following solution, which our engineers designed toilet paper pulp project for the South African customers.

Toilet paper pulping project

Production capacity: 5t/d

Paper making type: toilet, tissue, hand paper

Customer: South African Paper Mill

Need equipment: High consistency hydrapulper, Pulp chest agitator, Pulp pump, Low consistency cleaner, Upflow pressure screen, Auto-cleaning vibrating screen, Hill thickener, Rinse chest agitator, Double disc refiner, Pulp chest agitator, White water pump.

This program has brought substantial benefits to customers, and Leizhan can design suitable solution and provide the best paper pulp machine and paper making machine for you according to your requirements.