4600/450 Fluting&Testliner Paper Machine

High strength corrugated paper machine

Data of 4600/450 Fluting&Testliner Paper Machine

  • Paper grades: Fluting & Testliner paper
  • Basis weight range: 90 – 180 g/㎡
  • Design basis weight: 120 g/㎡

4600/450 Fluting&Testliner Paper Machine Dimensioning Production:

Paper machine dimensioning production with 100% efficiency (maximum momentary production at reel = dimensioning value of pulping process and drying minimal capacity).

  • Production (100% efficiency): 322 t/24h
  • Basis weight of sheet on reel: 120 g/m2
  • Width of sheet on reel: 4660 mm
  • Width of sheet on winder: 4600 mm
  • Target production speed of sheet on reel : 400 m/min
  • Working pressure of Steam: 5 bar
  • Mill power supply: 380Volts, 50 Hz

Width of 4600/450 Fluting&Testliner Paper Machine

  • Wire width: 5100 mm
  • Headbox outflow width: 4950 mm
  • Paper width on reel: 4660 mm
  • Paper width on winder: 4600 mm

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