4500mm/1200m/min Paper Machine Underfeed Rewinder

Leizhan Machinery’s underfeed rewinder adopts stable structural design and high-quality materials, which has stable operating performance and long service life, reducing maintenance costs. We equip the underfeed rewinder with an advanced electrical control system and touch screen operation interface, which can realize automated production, reduce manual operations and improve production efficiency.

Details Of Underfeed Rewinder

1. Paper Feeder Type: Underfeed

2. Paper Type: Corrugated Paper

3. Paper Basis Weight: 70-150gsm

4. Finished Paper Diameter: Φ1300mm

5. Working Speed: 1100m/min

6. Paper Core Specification: 3″ inner diameter 76mm outer diameter 100mm

7. Paper Web Maximum Tension: 1200N/m

8: Paper Feeder Speed: 5-25m/min

The underfeed rewinder has good adaptability and flexibility, and can be quickly adjusted according to the needs of different papers to meet the rewinding needs of paper of different sizes and specifications. If you are interested in this, please contact us. Email: leizhanworld@gmail.com