4200 Fourdrinier High Strength Corrugated Paper Machine


The product of 4200 fourdrinier high strength corrugated paper is mainly testliner, and it usually used to make cardboard box. The trimmed width is 4200mm. This kind of corrugated paper machine has seven parts inside.

Structure of 4200 High Strength Corrugated Paper Machine

1.Headbox: Air-cushion headbox, by controlling the gas pressure inside the headbox to control and stabilize the pulping pressure head.
2.Wire part: Single fourdrinier wire, the main components: breast roll, forming plate, dehydration board, vacuum box, vacuum couch roll, wire-driving rollers, wire-guiding roll and rack, etc.
3.Press part: It is divided into 1st press, 2nd press. 1st press is the press with large diameter roll with a vacuum suction roller, equipped with two coating metal rollers,
4.Front dryer part: Φ1800 dryer cylinder, group drive, each group with dryer wire, wire-guiding roll. Equipped with semi-enclosed gas hood.
5.Beveled surface sizing machine: Equipped with a surface chrome-plated metal roller, a coating metal roller. The surface sizing press machine pressurized way is corrugated tire pressure.
6.Back dryer part: Φ1800 dryer cylinder, group drive, each group with dryer wire, carrier roll. Equipped with semi-enclosed hood.
7.Reeling part: Pneumatic horizontal reeling machine

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