40T/D Tissue Paper Pulping Project

Paper pulp machine

40T/D Tissue paper making line contain pulping line and paper production line, generally the pulping process use wood pulp, white shavings as raw material, sometimes also use waste book, magazine, etc., culture paper with ink as raw material. We supply the whole paper pulp machine for Hebei Mancheng Aojie Paper Plant to develop a new 40t/d tissue paper making line in 2017.5.16.

Tissue paper pulping project

Delivered information

Customer name: Hebei Mancheng Aojie Paper Plant

Finished paper: tissue paper, toilet paper, napkin.

Capacity: 40t/d

Delivered equipment: M.C. Hydrapulper, Agitator, Inflow pressure screen before paper machine, etc.

This pulping process use wood pulp as raw material, can produce high quality living paper, during pulping process need M.C. hydrapulper break the wood pulp and High density cleaner remove the heavy impurities, next the pulp pumped into Double disc refiner and Conical refiner to improve the beating degree. the accept pulp is stored in the pulp chest, the Agitator is used for prevent fiber flocculation, then the slurry is enter into Inflow pressure screen to prepare for paper making.