3650 mm Tube Paper Making Equipment

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, our tube paper making equipment offers enhanced productivity and cost-efficiency. From advanced drying systems to efficient stock preparation, every aspect of our tube paper making equipment is designed to optimize your paper production process.

Details of Tube Base Paper Machine

1. Product variety: tube base paper

2. Paper making quantity: 280~500 gsm

3. Production raw materials: No. 11 American waste paper

4. Roll paper width: 3650 mm

5. Working speed: 150~250 m/min

6. Mechanical design speed: 300 m/min

Our tube paper making equipment offers remarkable versatility, allowing for the production of various paper grades, sizes, and weights. Our team of experts will provide comprehensive support from installation to aftersales service, ensuring seamless integration and long-term success. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com