3650 mm Tube Base Paper Machine

The tube base paper machine upholds energy efficiency and environmental sustainability as its core values. By utilizing cutting-edge energy-saving technology, it minimizes energy consumption and mitigates its environmental footprint. Additionally, the tube base paper machine promotes resource conservation through effective waste paper recycling, reducing overall resource consumption.

Details of Tube Base Paper Machine

1. Product variety: Yarn tube base paper

2. Paper making quantity: 280~500 gsm

3. Production raw materials: No. 11 American waste paper

4. Roll paper width: 3650mm

5. Working speed: 150~250m/min

6. Mechanical design speed: 300 m/min

Our tube base paper machines are renowned for their ability to produce premium tube base paper, ensuring consistent quality that meets industry standards. This enables your paper products to gain a competitive edge in the market. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com