3600 Three Wire Multi-cylinder Liner Board Paper Machine

3600 three wire multi-cylinder paper machine is mainly applied to produce 90-350g/㎡ testliner paper. The trimmed width is 3600mm. This type of liner board paper machine consists of thirteen parts, including headbox, three wire part, press part, drying part, sizing machine, calender, reeling part, etc.

Structure of Three Wire Multi-cylinder Liner Board Paper Machine

1.Headbox: Adopted double homogenizing roller air-cushion headbox.
2.Three wire part: Adopt three-layer wire form. Cantilever pull-out wire changer, lever structure type.
3.Press part: It consists of one vacuum press and two large roll diameter presses. All press rolls are covered with high linear pressure resistant synthetic rubber.
4.Drying part: Drying section of this scheme is equipped with 22 sets of φ1800 drying cylinders.
5.Sizing machine: Double-roller oblique type, both rollers are driven, etc.
6.Calender:Diameter/length of cylinder face: φ600×3900mm, φ610×3900mm
7.Reeling part:cast iron, internal water, with transmission, with movable paper rope wheel.
8.Foundation part: The foundation board materials are cast iron HT2OO.
9.Steam hood part: The hood cover is a double -layer structure of high -quality rust -proof aluminum alloy plate material.
10.Air compression part: The system is divided into three ways to supply gas.
11.Lubrication part: Thin oil lubricates for drying cadre -drying cylinder bearings and transmission gear box bearing
12.Transmission part: The transmission of the AC inverter, including AC motors, gear reducers, universal coupling. etc.
13.Electric control part: Full digital control AC variable frequency sub-drive.

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