320T/D Testliner Paper Making Machinery

testliner paper making machinery
Corrugated/testliner paper is widely used in our life, Generally divided into single corrugated cardboard and double corrugated cardboard. Leizhan provide the whole complete Corrugated/testliner paper making line for paper making friends.

4600/450 Corrugated/Testliner Paper Machine Technical Specification

Paper grades: Corrugated/testliner paper

Capacity production: 320t/24h

Width of sheet on reel: 4660mm

Wire width: 5100mm

Paper width on reel: 4600mm

Target production speed of sheet on reel: 400m/min

Leizhan focus on Paper&Pulp industry for 37 years, in our company you can see pulper equipment, screening equipment, refiner equipment, cleaner equipment, thickener equipment, conveyor& agitator, at the same time, our company supply papermaking machinery, such as tissue paper machine, kraft paper machine, cultural paper machine and Corrugated/testliner paper machine. We can design a whole set papermaking line according to your needs, so if you have any need or questions, welcome to consult us.

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